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Amazing Barley Drink 10 sachets

Amazing Barley Drink 10 sachets

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Product details of Amazing Barley Drink 10 sachets

Health benefits of barley grass include:
1) relief from ulcerative colitis,
2) prevention and treatment of cancer,
3) strengthening of immune system,
4) cleansing and detoxification of the body, protection from radiation and cellular damage, ability to fight addiction and regenerate damaged cells and tissues.
) It maintains healthy skin, acid-alkali balance, contributes in the bone metabolism, promotes agility and exerts rejuvenating effects on the entire body.

Rejuvenating effects:
Barley grass is a natural way to stimulate the regeneration of cells without any side effects. Vital components such as chlorophyll, vitamin B, iron and phcocyanin, a blue pigment in barley grass inspires the bone marrow and supports in the creation of white and red blood cells. This renewing effect of barley grass also helps prevent the signs of aging by rejuvenating the aging cells and helps maintain healthy and youthful skin. The useful enzymes present in barley grass improve the quality of blood, regulates digestion and works as a rejuvenator tonic for the entire body.

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