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Krina Sac Ngoc An Melasma Pills

Krina Sac Ngoc An Melasma Pills

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Sac Ngoc An Krina | Help enhance female hormones

✔️Made in Vietnam

✔️ Preparation: Chaos tablet oral package

✔️The use: recorded on the packaging.

✔️Quality: Box of 3 blisters x 10 tablets

✔️ Part:

Vitamins and minerals

✔️The use:

Enhance female hormones

Prevent skin aging

Prevent acne melasma, freckles

Supplement collagen, enhance skin nutrients.

✔️The object used:

Menopause, perimenopause, people with hormonal impairment with manifestations: dizzeness, insomnia, fiery, female physiological impairment.

People with skin aging, tanning, dry skin, people who need to beautify the skin.

✔️The use - How to use Sac Ngoc An Krina

- How to use: Used oral.

- Dosage:

Refer to the user manual attached to the product.

Forgot the dose: skip the forgotten dose and take the next dose at the time as planned.

Overdose: If the overdose must stop using and go to the nearest medical facility to be monitored and treated promptly.

✔️ Indications

People are sensitive to any component of the product.

✔️ Note:

This product is not a medicine and does not work to replace medicine.

If the product appears strange signs such as discoloration, deformation, and water should not be used anymore.

Products should be stored in dry places, moderate moisture and avoid direct sunlight.

To be far from the child's play area.

Caution and consult a doctor before using the product for pregnant women and are in the time of breastfeeding.

Caution and consult the doctor before using the product for the driver and operating machinery.

✔️ Supplementary use:

The product is safe and benign, so it has not recorded the side effects caused to the user of the product when used in the recommended dosage.

In the process of using the product, the patient found that any abnormal manifestations suspected that by the use of the product, the patient should ask for the opinion of the pharmacist or the doctor to treat it in time. Time and accuracy.


Cool dry places, avoid sunlight, temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C.

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